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Hall Gardner video still image

Hall Gardner

Please click here to view a video of Hall Gardner in Paris reading extracts from The Wake-Up Blast. The video page opens in a new window.

Below: Hall Gardner reads "Sestina: Agressão dos Cachorros" from The Wake-Up Blast in front of Ezra Pound's grave in Venice.




Eliot Katz

The following is a video shot from Eliot Katz's reading in Woodstock, NY, in October 2008, with selections from Love, War, Fire, Wind.

Above: "Letter to Allen from North America's Skull"


Diana Ayton-Shenker

The following is a video shot from Diana Ayton-Shenker's reading at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY, with selections from Tumbalalaika.

Above: "Tumbalalaika"

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