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Scenes from The Puppet Oresteia by Jack Ross and William T. Ayton


Scenes from The Puppet Oresteia

A 44-page chapbook with text by Jack Ross, and art by William T. Ayton

This is a co-publication between Narcissus Press and Perdrix Press.

What would happen if two children decided to put on the Ancient Greek Oresteia in their own puppet theatre? With their (recently divorced) parents as characters? Casting themselves as Iphigeneia, sacrificed by her father for a favourable wind, and Orestes, the murderer of his mother? What kind of bloodbath might come out of that?

This modern retelling of the classic trilogy in words and pictures is a collaboration between New Zealand poet Jack Ross and US-based British artist William T. Ayton.

Cover painting is "Temple" (2004) by William T. Ayton.

For more information on Jack Ross, please click here.

24 ink drawings / 44 pp, perfect bound.
RRP: $US 15 / $NZ 20.

ISBN: 978-0-473-18881-8

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